Highest, or very high, in rank or official dignity:


  A person with the ability or power to use, control, or dispose of something:

A person whose teachings others accept or follow:


A person whose occupation it is to cut and dress the hair of customers, especially men, and to shave or trim the beard.

Welcome to the master barber shop

With over 33 years barbering experience, Paul McGann has earned the title Grand Master Barber.

The aim of this site is to invite you on the journey as he continues to learn everyday. No amount of training or certificates can equip you with the knowledge needed on your journey to becoming a Master Barber.

Unfortunately, there is no quick route to the top! Time spent cutting is the only measuring stick for mastery.

A true apprentice will spend 4 years before he can be called a barber.

The title of “MASTER BARBER” in today’s industry is merely a marketing tool. In the traditional barber industry one would be considered a Master Barber after 15 years experience. Too many barber training shops/schools are offering “Master Barber Workshops” with as little as 6 weeks training which just isn’t possible.

Grand Master Barber, Paul McGann pictured in his Kildare Town Barber Shop.

With the height of respect for the barbering industry and the people with in its trade, Grand Master Barber Paul McGann feels its his duty to share his knowledge and expertise with today’s barber industry.

The idea for this website has been a long ambition for Paul, he now has a platform where he can share his knowledge with you and will be offering online barber training videos and hair cutting tutorials.

The title Grand Master Barber is earned after 30 years barbering, if you would like to pick up some tips and tricks from Paul’s 33 years experience sign up below to our mailing list as we will be soon sharing his knowledge. We will also be asking you for your input so make sure to get connected.

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